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In Bloom By Matthew Crow In Bloom A poignant and unexpectedly funny novel about Francis one of the best and bravest teenage boy narrators since Adrian Mole This is an emotionally honest story about wanting the very best from life eve
  • Title: In Bloom
  • Author: Matthew Crow
  • ISBN: 9781472105516
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In Bloom By Matthew Crow A poignant and unexpectedly funny novel about Francis one of the best and bravest teenage boy narrators since Adrian Mole This is an emotionally honest story about wanting the very best from life, even when life shows you how very bad things can be.Francis Wootton s first memory is of Kurt Cobain s death, and there have been other hardships closer to home since then AtA poignant and unexpectedly funny novel about Francis one of the best and bravest teenage boy narrators since Adrian Mole This is an emotionally honest story about wanting the very best from life, even when life shows you how very bad things can be.Francis Wootton s first memory is of Kurt Cobain s death, and there have been other hardships closer to home since then At fifteen years old he already knows all about loss and rejection and to top it all off he has a permanently broke big brother, a grandma with selective memory and very selective social graces and a mum who s at best an acquired taste Would be poet, possible intellectual and definitely wasted in Tyne and Wear, Francis has grown used to figuring life out on his own.Lower Fifth is supposed to be his time, the start of an endless horizon towards whatever comes next But when he is diagnosed with leukaemia that wide open future suddenly narrows, and a whole new world of worry presents itself.There s the horror of being held back a year at school, the threat of imminent baldness, having to locate his best shirt in case a visiting princess or pop star fancies him for a photo op But he hadn t reckoned on meeting Amber fierce, tough, one of a kind Amber and finding a reason to tackle it all the good, the bad and everything in between head on.In Bloom is a bright, funny, painful and refreshing novel about wanting the very best from life, even when life shows you how very bad it can be It is a novel about how to live.
    In Bloom By Matthew Crow
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      Matthew was born and raised in Newcastle and began freelancing for newspapers and magazines whilst still at school, writing about the arts and pop culture.He has written four novels, Ashes and My Dearest Jonah the second of which was nominated for the Dylan Thomas Prize for Literature and one book for young adults, In Bloom, which was nominated for the Carnegie Medal and the North East Teen Book Award, and listed in the Telegraph s Best YA of 2014 List.His fourth book, Another Place , will also be for young adults and was published by Atom in August 2017.


    1. North East Teenage Book Awards Nominee 20145 Words Young love, drugs, love, family, hope.This was my first read of 2015 and it was amazing And heart breaking And it made me cry.From the very first page, I knew this book would be special I mean, it doesn t get powerful that that first short page That first page kind of stuns you, leaves you slightly breathless.When I finished this book, I had tears streaming down my face And I couldn t think straight I still can t think straight, can t get my th [...]

    2. My thanks to Simon and Schuster for the ARC Unfortunately, I did not enjoy this book I was highly anticipating this book and I thought it was going to be a very emotional contemporary book that would hit me right in the feels I was wrong I am actually going to do this review in a list format because I think it would be easier to put my thoughts together Why I Did Not Like This Book 1 Pacing This book had such strange pacing It had SO many page breaks I usually like page breaks but this one had s [...]

    3. An unsolicited Advanced Reader Copy was provided by the publisher for review.Francis is sick with leukemia and being diagnosed changes his life as he knows it With his mother and older brother, he gets through his treatments Even when his two grumpy bed mates don t give him the time of day In comes Amber, a girl like no other One who speaks her mind, and does anything she wants She s sick too.This bright and bold cover really stood out to me and this is probably why I picked this up from the ple [...]

    4. This book isn t a one star book Just going in my on hold It s a sweet book but just didn t capture me, I keep finding myself wanting to venture to other books I ll come back to it though

    5. Ok, so here s the problem with this book AMBER HAS NO DIMENSION AS A CHARACTER, she s just this shadow that the author couldn t figure out how to work magic on and make her come alive She s flat, she and Francis have ZERO chemistry You can t just say they re madly in love and then expect us to believe it You have to actually take us behind the scenes and show us all those little tiny moments where they make awkward eye contact, and can t stop grinning at each other Yes, Matthew Crow, I promise e [...]

    6. spoiler alert Okay okay where do I begin I picked up The Brilliant Light of Amber Sunrise because, it was an ARC how cool and I liked the cover Despite my feelings and opinions of the story, the cover is kind of pretty There is a thin line in the contemporary genre realistic vs believableThe Brilliant Light of Amber Sunrise may have been realistic, but I have my doubts if it was believable.So when I finish a book in a day or two, it usually means I loved it Sorry, but not the case for this book [...]

    7. My goodness, I adore this novel so incredibly much Yes, it s another cancer book about a teen falling in love with a fellow patient and discovering what it means to live while his body is dying, but here s the thing this book is so much than the familiar premise He had to be nice to me at the moment because he had to be surrounded by people This was because boys like him were, essentially, pasta Everyone thought they loved him because they had never been forced to experience the true blandness [...]

    8. 3.5 5Mon avis en Fran aisMy English reviewJe ne lis pas norm ment de romans mettant en sc ne de jeunes personnes luttant contre des maladies Pas que ce n est pas int ressant hein C est juste que ce n est pas le genre de romans vers lesquels je me tourne Puis je sais aussi pertinemment que je vais pleurer un moment de ma lecture, surtout quand il est question de cancer La quatri me de couverture mentionne plusieurs fois Nos Etoiles Contraires mais je vous dis tout de suite que je ne pourrais null [...]

    9. DNF AT 66 PAGESThe saddest part is that this book didn t have anything specifically wrong with it Sure, the main character was a bit of a dick, and the plot was a complete clich , but I thought I could get a bit further through It had promise I liked the cover and the quote on the back of the book but the book simply didn t interest me It was boring I didn t want to pick it up and read again, and I was only half reading it when I did I never got lost in it I feel like it s hard to master a cance [...]

    10. Review By BethIn Bloom s synopsis immediately had me thinking of John Green s The Fault in Our Stars Is this just another cancer novel Yes it s an emotive topic but can it be overdone Are there too many novels dealing with this topic at the moment I don t think so and I think In Bloom is brilliant and is at least The Fault in Our Stars equal I would even say I prefer it over the huge American hit because it has a British ness to it which makes it easier for me to relate to Crow s protagonist is [...]

    11. I m pretty conflicted about this book, I ve gotta say There were some things I really liked, and others I really hated The family friendship aspect of this book was amazing I absolutely loved the relationship between Amber s mom and Francis mom, the strong bond between Chris and Francis, and just the overall development of the characters that made up Francis family But, unfortunately, Francis was kinda crap He was immature, whiny and childish he was always looking for pity from anyone who would [...]

    12. Before I begin this review I just have to let you know I m listening to Whitney Houston s greatest hits because this book has made me feel lots of different things and I need some good 80 s music to help me write this review So, if there are accidental insertions of Whitney lyrics then I m sorry I had never heard of this book until I did some fiddling around on looking for some good YA reads and this book kept popping up and because I like the name Matthew and because the cover looked pretty I c [...]

    13. Originally at Heart Full Of Books Warning The blurb of this book is misleading On the back cover, this book is compared to The Fault in Our Stars Normally, comparing a contemporary book with John Green is a risky business, as A LOT of people in the world love TFIOS However, I d say the only similarity with John Green s most famous novel is that the two main characters have cancer That s like comparing Shadow and Bone with The Selection, because they both have a female protagonist PlotFrancis, ou [...]

    14. Thank you Andye from readingteen for your Review My Books program If you ve read the synopsis, you ll know that Francis, our main character, is diagnosed with leukemia If you managed to read past that line in the summary, you ll find that he falls for a fellow patient If you re like most literary analysts, you ll have made an immediate connection to The Fault in Our Stars But let me be the 31st person to tell you not every book that deals with cancer and love is automatically a copy of Hazel and [...]

    15. I really liked the family aspect of this storyFrancis had a very strong support system throughouthis ordeal However, I had a difficult time liking him,at times in the story he came off as a self righteous asshole.This is a direct quote from the book of what Francis thinksof his mother Mum only completed half of her college entry exams beforebefore giving up and taking the first job she could get.With a track record that never strayed beneath a B, I wasalready her intellectual superior and didn t [...]

    16. I ve seen a lot of comparisons to The Fault In Our Stars most unfavorable and I think that s just unfair The only similarity is the fact that two kids with cancer fall in love Well guess what, John Green does not have the market on kids with cancer stories Lurlene McDaniel was writing stories about kids with serious illnesses decades ago so I m sick of the TFIOS comparisons I actually enjoyed this book much than TFIOS, mostly because of Francis He was just so likable as were his mom and brother [...]

    17. I was honestly really stuck between a 2 or 3 star rating for this book, surprising since the beginning portion of this book, I HATED so much here s why Amber annoyed me most of the time, and even though I feel bad for saying that considering the circumstances, she was just too for me I didn t like her at all, not until the very very end I felt in the beginning the humor was a little bit trying to hard, it made me cringe honestly, but whatever Just sometimes Francis would be a little annoying to, [...]

    18. This review can also be found on my blog autonomynyc.wordpress Okay, first of all, I KNOW that you are not supposed to judge a book by its cover Which I will not But I WILL comment on just how BEAUTIFUL that cover is The colors are gorgeous, and the font You d never be able to guess at what this book holds inside Okay anyways, The Brilliant Light of Amber Sunrise I liked this book I really did It was an easy read, a lovely Young Adult fiction piece that I m sure would appeal to many youngsters i [...]

    19. Ultimamente sono dannatamente stregata da letture profonde, intense, capaci di emozionare Sar masochista, non lo metto in dubbio, ma non posso farne a meno e non ne resto mai delusa Il nostro anno infinito narra la storia di Francis, un quindicenne un po imbranato e solitario, che inaspettatamente dopo alcuni episodi allarmanti e le estenuanti analisi, scopre di essere affetto da leucemia Verr ricoverato in una clinica per sottoporsi alle cure ed proprio qui che incontra il suo raggio di sole, l [...]

    20. Oh, I had such high hopes for this book The cover The premise The characters I desperately wanted to love it but I didn t.The pacing at the beginning of the book really threw me off We start with a lot of backstory about when Francis was 4 years old We then skip forward to when Francis was 15 years old, which is when the majority of the book is set A few pages later, the story jumps back a few years to when Francis first learned that he had cancer There was a lot of back and forth at the start w [...]

    21. Francis Wootton was fifteen, but heading onto fifty, or so you would think from his old soul, and already knew the tribulation of lamentation and demise However, he didn t have a way to forecast the probability of him experiencing the grating stages of cancer Just like his sister s inevitable death and his father s bitter departure, cancer was as abrupt for him as it was hectic Though, he assimilated to the whole he could perish from cancer ordeal fairly quickly once Amber Sunrise had nearly qui [...]

    22. The Brilliant Light of Amber Sunrise wasn t really everything I was hoping for it to be, but it was still really compelling for what I feel it was meant to be I can understand why people read these types of stories, as many people find them really heartwarming and heart wrenching at the same time While I don t feel it s an incredibly original and unique story, Matthew definitely brings his own voice into the lineup of books in this category There were many obvious reasons that lead me to think a [...]

    23. 3.5 stars I wanted to read this one because I love a story that tugs at my emotions It is reminiscent of McDaniel and of course compared to Fault in our Stars because it is about two cancer kids and their romance It was a nice surprise though that Francis starts out in the before and I got a good sense of who he was and his family dynamics Francis is a loner, he only has a handful of friends and likes it that way He is close to his older brother Chris and I liked that this was a focus His dad is [...]

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