The Woman in Black: Angel of Death #2020

The Woman in Black: Angel of Death By Martyn Waites The Woman in Black Angel of Death The fully authorised chilling sequel to Susan Hill s bestselling ghost story The Woman in Black released in as a film featuring Daniel Radcliffe This is the book the follow up film starring Jer
  • Title: The Woman in Black: Angel of Death
  • Author: Martyn Waites
  • ISBN: 9780099588290
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Woman in Black: Angel of Death By Martyn Waites The fully authorised chilling sequel to Susan Hill s bestselling ghost story, The Woman in Black, released in 2012 as a film featuring Daniel Radcliffe This is the book the follow up film starring Jeremy Irvine War Horse and Phoebe Fox will be based on.Autumn 1940, World War Two Bombs are raining down, destroying the cities of Britain.The evacuations begin, and soon chThe fully authorised chilling sequel to Susan Hill s bestselling ghost story, The Woman in Black, released in 2012 as a film featuring Daniel Radcliffe This is the book the follow up film starring Jeremy Irvine War Horse and Phoebe Fox will be based on.Autumn 1940, World War Two Bombs are raining down, destroying the cities of Britain.The evacuations begin, and soon children are being taken to the country for safety Teacher Eve Parkins is in charge of one such group The children are scared and Eve does her best to calm them, but the truth is that she too is haunted by a personal tragedy she cannot put behind her.Their destination is Eel Marsh House Desolate and forlorn, it is situated on a causeway and is sinking into the treacherous tidal marshes that surround it.Far from home and with no alternative, Eve and the children move in.But soon it becomes apparent that there is someone else in the house with them, someone Eve can t see but who is far deadly than any number of German bombs The Woman in Black.
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      Martyn Waites b 1963 is an English actor and author of hard boiled fiction Raised in Newcastle upon Tyne, he spent his post university years selling leather coats, working in pubs and doing stand up comedy After a stint in drama school, Waites pursued life on the stage, performing regionally in theaters across England TV and commercial work followed, and he continued to act full time until the early 1990s, when he began writing his first novel a noir mystery set in the city of his birth Mary s Prayer was published in 1997, and Waites followed it with three novels starring the same character, an investigative journalist named Stephen Larkin.Since then he has divided his time between acting and writing After concluding the Larkin series in 2003, he created another journalist, troubled reporter Joe Donovan, who made his first appearance in The Mercy Seat 2006 Waites most recent novel is Speak No Evil 2009 Along with his wife and children, he lives and works in Hertfordshire, a county north of London.


    1. This is the novelization of Angel of Death , the mediocre sequel to The Woman In Black , a 2012 beautiful film based on the novella by Susan Hill An attempt to cash out on the success of the first film, it verifies the rule of the sequels The book is as good as the movie and that means average at best There s nothing to write home about, really Other than its striking front cover, the characters are weak, irritating, the scares badly written It certainly can t hold a candle to the original Worth [...]

    2. Book Review originally published here iheartreading reviews The Woman in Black Angel of Death is a sequel to The Woman in Black The main problem It s not written by the same author, and you notice it almost right away While The Woman in Black had a great narrative, was quite original back in the day, and offered characters that weren t than cardboard figures, here we get quite the opposite.The characters are bland, boring, and very stereotypical There s nothing new, fresh or original We have th [...]

    3. I really enjoyed this book, though it scared the hell out of me even reading it in the middle of the day with sunlight streaming through the window Angel of Death is set in the autumn of 1940 Eve Parkins is a young teacher who accompanies a small group of children along with their headmistress to Eel Marsh House where they will supposedly be safer than in London Once they arrive there we discover the village of Crythin Gifford has been abandoned hardly surprising and once the children reach Eel [...]

    4. This was a surprising read the reason I say that is when you look at its pedigree you do stop and wonder The original Woman in Black was written by Susan Hill by in 1983, she is still very much alive and writing so why wasn t she involved with this sequel Then you have a sequel that is commissioned by the publisher not a good sign considering their motivations are not necessarily those of the author money and then you have the publisher is Hammer Horror or at least its resurrected sibling no pun [...]

    5. I really wanted to enjoy this book having read the original Susan Hill novel, and her other books , seen the play twice and even liked the movie I thought this had a lot of potential that Eel Marsh House still stands empty and in 1940 it is requestioned to be used for evacuees from London So the Woman in Black would have a whole school full of children and teachers to haunt, torment, etc A great set up.However it didnt work for me the suspense wasnt there, Waites just didnt capture the suspense, [...]

    6. Angel of Death, the follow up to Susan Hill s hugely popular Woman in Black, is, as I understand it, the book version of the screenplay Set during the evacuation period of the blitz, the action begins quite quickly as a group of young children and their two teachers are sent to take refuge in Eel Marsh House.The gloomy, foreboding atmosphere kicks in as soon as the doomed group steps off the final train of their journey For the first half of the book, the spooky goings on are centred on Eve, the [...]

    7. review written as someone who hasn t read The Woman In Black Thoroughly enjoyed The Woman In Black Angel of Death Very tense and highly creepy Plenty of terror, deep descriptions and macabre occurrences to keep my morbid mind happy.

    8. Decided not to read on the basis of numerous poor reviews Also, it seems the film version is already in production and will be released next year, so this isn t so much an original story as a novelisation of an existing screenplay.

    9. I didn t have high hopes going in After all, this is a novelisation of the forthcoming movie sequel to Hammer s The Woman in Black, rather than a genuine sequel to the original book by Susan Hill But as TWIB is one of my favourite books, and the first film was commendable, I had to give it a stab.Sadly, the book suffers greatly from novelising a film script The structure feels as if it is following on screen action shot for shot, instead of producing a narrative that works on the page I will be [...]

    10. The Angel of Death Firstly this book is NOT Susan Hill s The Woman in Black and I am not going to compare them I enjoyed this book immensely, it had everything to keep you interested and some good scares thrown in A job well done Mark Waites Please read this and make up your own minds, I think you ll be pleasantly surprised If you are a fan of the Original, then read this as a different story which it is and embrace it as such It compliments the other novel well Beware of black mould on your wal [...]

    11. The original novel had the appeal of a classic Ghost story, a slowly creeping panic of realisation This follow up is really a follow up of the Hammer film, rather than the book, and has a go for the throat scare factor, and mutates the Woman in Black figure to something totally other than the original book s intentions I can imagine that Susan Hill will be grumbling all the way to the bank after giving her permission for this to be written Having said all that, this book does have its own worth [...]

    12. It has creepy moments, it hasn t been overwritten or filled with horrible cliches and metaphor, but it s still silly.Why Because it is so obvious, the characters so stereotypically odd, that you can anticipate nearly everything that happens Spoiler alert The things that have been seen before and then written into this book A young, disturbed boy who is manipulated by the evil entity.A woman whose own sad past makes her stronger could be the ruin of her.A soldier whose pain haunts him.A blind man [...]

    13. I started this book, having read The Woman in Black I was a bit dubious about reading this because of the poor ratings But, now, having read the book , I don t understand the poor ratings because I found this book to be excellently well written Yes I must agree on some certain aspects of the chapters were a little bit short, but so are James pattersons , and no one seems to give him a 1star rating The story begins again at Eel Marsh House, which is a safe haven for war children Eve and Jean are [...]

    14. Excellent sequel to The Woman in Black , set this time in 1940 when Eel Marsh House is put into use to house child evacuees from London Teacher Eve Parkins and her headmistress try to make the best of the poor conditions but the malevolent presence soon makes it presence felt and children start to die, despite Eve s best efforts Apparently this is going to be made into a film later this year I look forward to seeing it 8 10.

    15. This book was a terrible disappointment Leaving the plot to one side, I was irritated throughout by the writer s poor use of English in a cliched and often ungrammatically expressed narrative The style is anachronistically colloquial and a very poor imitation of Susan Hill s original.

    16. A super quick 325 page read that made for the perfect in betweener book among my current reads I like to switch to something slightly easier when I get despondent with heavier reads to just clear my head and make reading fun again I m still bent on reading the original The Woman in Black by Susan Hill but picked this spin off up over the past week and decided to give it a go in the meanwhile Having watched the movie I did understand most of the original plot and thought that this novel was a dec [...]

    17. This is almost as bad as the time I bought the wrong DVD version of the Shining with the guy from Wings and Monica s dad.

    18. I did noticed some differences between the book and the movie And yes, I read the book after I had watched the movie Yet, it was still awesome.

    19. Pretty good book, has some good scary moments , but nothing much too frightening, I recommend it for those who like mystery then horror or anything like that.

    20. Who doesn t love The Woman in Black and by that I mean the superb novel by Susan Hill as opposed to the film that was not only incredibly slow and poorly acted by Daniel Radcliffe, but also changed the ending of the novel entirely thus destroying its atmosphere and impact However, The Woman in Black as a novel and indeed as a stage production, is superb Hill, through her Victorian prose and subtle atmospheric detail chills the reader to the bone So, when I saw the sequel, I thought I would give [...]

    21. Based on the original idea of Susan Hill s The Woman in Black comes the sequel Angel of Death Set in 1940 during the London Blitz, a group of children are sent to the Marsh House for safe keeping There, Eve Parkins starts to see the Woman in Black and like before, children begin to die.One thing to keep in mind while reading this book, which from many reviews I have read, it was not kept in mind, this was not written by Susan Hill This was written by Martyn Waites who was contacted by hammer fil [...]

    22. I actually read this book in about an hour, not because it is amazing and I couldn t put it down, I was bored and it was pretty amateur Just the kind of read if you have nothing else to do Literally nothing else to do.The story is set back in World War 2 England and centers mainly around three characters a school teacher Eve , a newly orphaned boy Edward and an Air Force Captain Harry The school, which consists of around 10 children, was evacuated from London and for some reason sent to Eel Mars [...]

    23. After reading and seeing the first installment of this series, The Woman In Black by Susan Hill it s fair to say that I had pretty high hopes for this book While I had heard that the second film was something of a flop I was still convinced that the book would be different.I think it s easy to slate this book and rip it to absolute shreds, but I think it had so many things against it that it was kind of doomed from the very beginning For starters, the author is different Initially, I had no prob [...]

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