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Sybil By Benjamin Disraeli Sheila Smith Sybil Sybil or The Two Nations is one of the finest novels to depict the social problems of class ridden Victorian England The book s publication in created a sensation for its immediacy and readabil
  • Title: Sybil
  • Author: Benjamin Disraeli Sheila Smith
  • ISBN: 9780199539055
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sybil By Benjamin Disraeli Sheila Smith Sybil, or The Two Nations is one of the finest novels to depict the social problems of class ridden Victorian England The book s publication in 1845 created a sensation, for its immediacy and readability brought the plight of the working classes sharply to the attention of the reading public The two nations of the alternative title are the rich and poor, so disparate iSybil, or The Two Nations is one of the finest novels to depict the social problems of class ridden Victorian England The book s publication in 1845 created a sensation, for its immediacy and readability brought the plight of the working classes sharply to the attention of the reading public The two nations of the alternative title are the rich and poor, so disparate in their opportunities and living conditions, and so hostile to each other that they seem almost to belong to different countries The gulf between them is given a poignant focus by the central romantic plot concerning the love of Charles Egremont, a member of the landlord class, for Sybil, the poor daughter of a militant Chartist leader.
    Sybil By Benjamin Disraeli Sheila Smith Sybil TV Mini Series Nov , The story tells of a young woman admitting to having blackouts, fearing they are getting worse She is diagnosed as suffering from multiple personalities, as a result of severe abuse at the hands of her mother, whom her psychiatrist, Cornelia Wilbur, believes was schizophrenic.The movie Sibyl is based upon author Flora Rheta Schreiber s biography of Shirley Ardell Mason, an American Sybil film Sibyl May , Alternately traumatic and sensual memories from that period keep intruding on ish Sibyl s otherwise mended life, like rude mental glitches Perhaps that s partly why she hits the brakes on her day job, dropping multiple damaged clients so she can spend time working on her first novel only for the blinking cursor on her blank screened laptop to glare back at her like an admonishment. Sibyl Sybil TV Movie May , Goofs Despite the statement at the film s end, Sybil s artwork was never hidden away and only rediscovered after her death Though never successful as an artist during her lifetime, for many years she had small exhibits of her work in local galleries under her real name of Shirley A Mason, and she frequently painted commissioned works for friends. Sybil singer Sybil Lynch, known simply as Sybil, is an American RB and pop singer songwriter.Sybil gained notable success in her career with songs during the mid s into the mid s She is the cousin of former En Vogue singer Maxine Jones.
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      One of the great British politicians of the nineteenth century, Disraeli served twice as Tory Prime Minister 1868 and 1874 1880 and was also a prominent figure in opposition He is most famous today for the bitter hatred between himself and his political rival William Gladstone He enjoyed the favour of Queen Victoria, who shared his dislike of Gladstone His most significant political achievements are the 1867 Reform Act, in which he was instrumental, and the creation of the modern Conservative Party, with which he is credited His literary career was greatly overshadowed by his parliamentary ambitions climbing the greasy pole , but includes both romances and political novels.


    1. Disraeli is very much the b te noire of Gladstone s biography, but I thought reading one of his novels would provide fun and interesting insight than adding yet another unfinished biography to my list.One of Disraeli s oft commented upon qualifications for office was his ability to flatter Queen Victoria the rapturous description in here of the Virgin Queen s ascent to the throne amidst tweeting birds is pretty amusing As literature, Disraeli s novels have been challenged by the test of time hu [...]

    2. If you don t like politics or satires, this is not the book for you While I am not very political myself, I like satires very much This one uses a variation of Romeo and Juliet as a framework Charles Egremont, newly elected aristocratic Member of Parliament, meets and falls in love with the beautiful poor Chartist Sybil Gerard Disraeli used little subtlety in making his point of England being Two nations between whom there is no intercourse and no sympathy THE RICH AND THE POOR and amidst the hu [...]

    3. Rather well done historical fiction, blending actual events like Chartist riots and Parliamentary intrigues with social commentary about the aristocracy versus the working class, with nicely done satirical sketches of fictional asshole aristocrats Where I would fault Disraeli although no than a lot of other writers of his era is on the romance The heroine, Sybil, is perfect in every way the heart of an angel, a seraphic singer, beautiful, plus like many a Victorian heroine though she is young a [...]

    4. Benjamin Disraeli was a politician He had Queen Victoria s approval, or perhaps, accurately, Victoria really disliked Gladstone In any case, one can either enjoy or disapprove of his politics, but it is difficult to warm up to his abilities as a novelist.Sybil is first and foremost a political novel it does offer character, and the fundamentals of a plot, but when you sift out the thin literary bits, you are left with large chunks of politics It is interesting to see how Disraeli portrays the t [...]

    5. Disraeli definitely had an agenda with this book Yes, he was very political in his life so why wouldn t we expect his novels to reflect that The difficulty with him is the following a He is trying to explain an entire movement in the Victorian period the struggle for the rights of the working class To encapsulate this in around 400 pages is extremely difficult to do Thus, Disraeli introduces A LOT of characters that randomly show up one in every 20 chapters Confusing Fuck yes.b He has to deal wi [...]

    6. Taken for what it isn t for example it isn t a sympathetic account of Chartism Sybil is not a great book It tries to champion the idea that if the working classes could only acknowledge their inferiority to the aristocracy then the aristocracy might then reward this act of deference by looking after the great unwashed a little better This alliance presumably would be one nation politics Good luck Ed Milliband Taken as a fascinating insight into a developing political mind, or a critique of The C [...]

    7. Apparently, Disraeli read little fiction himself This is evident from the appallingly bad plotting and derivative characterization herein Disraeli awkwardly attempts to mix political treatise Marx before Marx, as he has a go in favour of THe PEOPLE and Labour against Capitalism capitals as used with vapid portentiousness in the novel , excoriating the growing disparity between rich and poor with romance It doesn t work, for several reasons One is that there isn t much logical overlap between the [...]

    8. A unusual mongrel of a book with echoes of Dickens, Austen and Hansard Is it a love story, is it a social commentary or is it a description of the evolution of Parliamentary democracy It tries to be all three.

    9. More like 3.75 stars A really interesting read and another great Victorian novel Some of the social commentary is a little heavy handed and it s not a patch on Gaskell as industrial novels go, but an interesting plot and an enjoyable read

    10. I was expecting a political book, and I got one The writing style might not be the greatest, and there were tendencies to melodrama But this is a Victorian novel after all Certainly, events were condensed and time lines scenes jumped around a bit, taking me a little time to acclimatise between chapters at first However, once I understood Disraeli s style of writing, I settled in to the story, events and characters and read with ease This is a subject which I really find interesting, but I still [...]

    11. This has been one of those books I have always felt that I should have read and never actually readuntil 2017 What can I say It was better than I expected, as a novel, and about as I expected as an historical fragment The details of Parliamentary politics are mostly tedious and the characters rather one dimensional, but the insight into the social threat of Chartism is useful And, of course, if you have read any of the Anglo American poverty literature of the period from 1870 to the present, you [...]

    12. Epic Book The symbolism and allegories are awesome I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to learn about the origin of the English Political System, or the Chartist revolution Disraeli masterfully portrayed the sufferings of the English poor in early Victorian England while juxtaposing it with the frivolities of the privileged class Again, definitely a good read.

    13. Published in 1845 caused a great sensation because it showed the reading public, who were primarily middle and upper class, the realities of the life led by the laboring classes and the poor the people who made their comfortable existence possible The author, Benjamin Disraeli, was twice prime minister and a social activist and political reformer his whole life The two titles of this novel speak to its structure as an expos of the grim world of the working class hung on a romance which brings th [...]

    14. I can certainly say that I will never re read this one.I m glad I read it Ouida s politics are shaped to a certain extent by Disraeli, and it s good to see the antecedents of some of her ideas, but this is a total slog.I find all the political stuff either boring or ridiculous the people are too violent and dumb to ever lead themselves except for very rare Great Men who also happen to be disenfranchised aristocrats Really As a 21st century gal, I find all the arguments that Disraeli and Carlyle [...]

    15. I bought this book after I heard about Disraeri and learned that he was a politician and a novelist I was curious and did not have any specific expectation about it being good or bad.I was suprised by the tone and the content in a positive way and understood at some point why Disraeli chose to name it Sybil or the two nations.So much of what happened in the book are relevant today and the notion of the two nations is still in process in the 21 the centurye distinction between the classes is and [...]

    16. The first thing I need to say about this book is about the particular edition that I read published by International Alliance Pro Publishing, not pictured , not about the book itself But very quickly I m on the fourth book of my 1000 plus I have learned another lesson And here it is Do NOT fall for the POD print on demand versions of public domain books Now, we all know I love POD as much as the next guy, although largely for self publishing authors trying to break into the field or claim of th [...]

    17. He s much better known for his political career, but Disraeli was writing novels long before he got into politics By the time he wrote Sybil he was a Member of Parliament and grinding his political axes plays a huge role in the book It s generally pretty readable but his prose can sometimes be a bit complex and he occasionally goes into discussions of Parliamentary history which assume a fair amount of knowledge on the subject that I m guessing most people don t have certainly I didn t.

    18. Disraeli is not a talented writer to be sure And it was only thanks to Thom Braun s informative though lacking in some places notes and appendix that I made much sense of the references he threw about a t liberty The riots of the last book were the most well developed scenes, taking their place alongside the fluffing of the aristocracy and their obsessions.

    19. I found this really boring It s of a tract than a novel, honestly the characters are very flat and mostly serve as mouthpieces for political views Disraeli also goes into long digressions about political history, which are pretty impossible to follow if you aren t already familiar with what he s discussing.

    20. Much readable than I was expecting, even with the rather eccentric occasional historical essays which pop up now and then A combination of political tract and rattling good yarn , with romance, a stolen inheritance, a poor girl who is really an aristocrat, the convenient deaths of people who stood in the way of both love and inheritance, and lots of social comment and a nice dog What is really surprising is that a sitting M.P could write something like this about current politics this is not re [...]

    21. Very interesting novel about class and capitalism in 1840s Britain Disraeli tears a strip off capitalism Intriguing guy.

    22. Part novel, part commentary this wasn t really an easy or an engaging read but must have been an important book in its time.

    23. Sybil, or The Two Nations, a novel by Benjamin Disraeli, is a work of Victorian fiction set at the transition of the British economy from the feudal era to the industrial revolution Benjamin Disraeli was a complex figure in British society, having religious and political aspirations along with being an incredibly intelligent man he wrote some the most sophisticated literature ever attempted He sets up Sybil in his beginning chapters with a fictional account of Charles Egremont s lineage from Eng [...]

    24. It s a funny little novel Imagine a serving prime minister sitting down to write a novel, and you d probably conjure up with something pretty much like this offering Great novelist Disraeli most certainly ain t His prose occasionally borders on the insane It s not all as clunky and awful as the extract which follows, to be sure But imagine a piece of writing which includes the well shaped mouth, firm and yet benignant, betokened the celestial soul that habited that gracious frame After you d fin [...]

    25. Spoiler Alert This aristocratic living is a awful bore, said Lord Marney Egremont, why don t you go in for parliament But what of the election expenses asked Egremont Mother will pay 1000, and I will see about the rest, asserted Lord Marney What if I don t get elected inquired Egremont Don t be ridiculous Lord Marney told him Who is that beautiful young woman who sings so sweetly Egremont asked Prithee, yon wight be my daughter, as good as she is kind, and as beautiful as she is good, replied Ge [...]

    26. Theresa May in her first speech outside Number 10 said that she was a one nation Conservative As it happened, I was just finishing Sybil, by nineteenth century Conservative prime minister Benjamin Disraeli the book from which the One Nation idea derives Sybil, set in northern England, describes a calamitous divide between rich and poor, a division so dramatic that people live entirely different existences within one country.Sybil certainly does not shy away from the iniquities of social division [...]

    27. This is a curate s egg As a story, its narrative is all over the place, although it does its best to bring it all together at the end The characters are ciphers, and Disraeli can t quite decide whether his protagonist is the titular heroine or the sympathetic toff, Egremont Yet it is fascinating as a setting out in symbolic form Disraeli s ideas for One Nation Conservatism And what a strange fish it is Disraeli oddly for a man of Jewish heritage hearkens back to a golden age when the Catholic Ar [...]

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