Send Me No Flowers #2020

Send Me No Flowers By Jenny Tomlin Send Me No Flowers Send Me No Flowers is the story of a young woman s fight for survival Donna Stewart s family is poor but respectable and hard working Donna is beautiful and clever about to go up to university Celebra
  • Title: Send Me No Flowers
  • Author: Jenny Tomlin
  • ISBN: 9780099509844
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Paperback
  • Send Me No Flowers By Jenny Tomlin Send Me No Flowers is the story of a young woman s fight for survival.Donna Stewart s family is poor but respectable and hard working Donna is beautiful and clever about to go up to university Celebrating her exam results with her friends at a club, she meets Danny Lester, ten years older, much richer, a businessman he sweeps her off her feet Despite warnings from fSend Me No Flowers is the story of a young woman s fight for survival.Donna Stewart s family is poor but respectable and hard working Donna is beautiful and clever about to go up to university Celebrating her exam results with her friends at a club, she meets Danny Lester, ten years older, much richer, a businessman he sweeps her off her feet Despite warnings from friends and family, Donna enjoys Danny s wild streak She believes this is the man she will marry and live with happy ever after But it gradually emerges that Danny the knife is a dangerous criminal and a sadist She is introduced to a world of drugs and prostitutes, where Danny gets his kicks by terrifying her The longer she leaves it, the harder it will be to escape But eventually, helped by a loyal circle of female friends, she works out a plan.
    Send Me No Flowers By Jenny Tomlin
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      Jenny Tomlin

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      QUEEN of the misery memoir Jenny Tomlin, mother of actress Martine McCutcheon, is not as tragic as you might imagine Upbeat and truly happy in her life now, it s difficult to believe that she was sexually abused by her father, unprotected by her slovenly mother and then married a violent man who battered her senseless even when she was pregnant with Martine Her disturbing story was told in her memoirs Behind Closed Doors and Silent Sisters, which became bestsellers, enabling her to buy a 12 acre French farmhouse in the Dordogne with her second husband, Alan Tomlin, a bodyguard she married in Barbados nine years ago Then, of course, there s her famous daughter You can hear Martine laughing in the background as her mother describes their relationship now She s my best friend No matter what life throws at her, she has such a positive outlook She s strong mentally, she s funny, witty, clever Because I had her so young at 19 , it s almost like we re mates I m so proud of that fact because I never had that with my mother At the farm, Jenny, 52, runs an English grocery shop and tea garden, serving up full English breakfasts and afternoon teas to hungry customers She moved to France to escape the many bad memories, and experience a tranquil setting.


    1. WOW this book is extremely disturbing and to think these types of things are happening in the world turns my stomach very explicitSPOILER AHEAD this is a story of a family oriented goody goody type of girl donna who has a circle of very close friends, and who has big plans for her future these plans and friendships take a backseat when she meets the man of her dreams Danny Danny sweeps her off her feet, buying her expensive gifts, taking her on trips, and treating her like royalty first Danny an [...]

    2. Worst book I ve ever read If I wanted blatant porn I would have bought a picture magazine This book missed its intended point If this book had been written by a man I would imagine it would be the only way this book could have disappointed me even .

    3. Personally I love this book Its gritty, hard hitting, but written so well I actually kept asking myself is this a true story Its fiction I re read this book, something I never do.

    4. This was shitThe beginning moved way too fast and the female lead was such a pathetic weak character and to make it worst this book wasn t even written well

    5. I steamed through this in a couple of days Yes it s graphic, but having read the likes of American Psycho and some Hubert Selby Jr I felt somewhat desensitised from the violence described here Reading like a true life story you d find in a women s magazine, this is actually a work of fiction Although that s not to say similar experiences haven t happened in real life, and the introduction to the book by author Jenny Tomlin makes this clear Despite describing very distressing events, this was wri [...]

    6. A real page turner however.Incredibly graphic and violent book telling the tale of a young girl, groomed for sex by a drug dealing coke head It has probably already been accused of being gratuitous but once I d begun it, I had to finish it It was a relief to close the last page and get away from the relentless and horrific violence.

    7. Hm I know it was my fault for not going through the content before I bought it I never a fan of terror, abuse, and horror genre Never So I just thought I would give it a try.Wrong move It was torturing.I m that kind of person who tends to imagine things Any story you told me, I d imagine it Any story I read, I d imagine it So it s kinda painful and distracting to read some chapters when the author described the event explicitly, and I would cringe in pain and disgust Phew.But I determined to fin [...]

    8. This was a very compelling story showing how someone very innocent can easily be led astray by another with ulterior motives The story was really sad but compelling at the same time This is the second book that I have read by this author and she definitely doesn t pull any punches and her style is very graphic I have read a few reviews on GR that are quite critical of the authors writing style My response to that is that those reviewers should perhaps choose not to read books by this author It i [...]

    9. I m honestly not sure what to make of this book Yes, the story itself is very sad and it s heart wrenching to think that this kind of abuse does happen but I think in a way the story was lost during the endless, torturous sex scenes I understand the author needed to add some of those scenes to really push the effect of how bad the abuse was but I think it just got silly I ended up thinking what kind of person thinks like this I read the synopsis to other books she d written and one phrase stood [...]

    10. Donna thinks she s found the love of her life but she s only met the man that will steal it from her.If you read the introduction to this book you ll learn that Jenny Tomlin writes books about abuse so that she can raise awareness.I think that s all fine and dandy but at the end of the day a book has to be entertaining in some shape or form This isn t in any shape or form.Send Me No Flowers gave me that familiar nauseating feeling in my stomach that I always get when I read a book that bores the [...]

    11. This book is one of the most memorable books I have ever read The theme and plot of the whole story was so strong to begin with The book talks about terror, heartbreak and abuse As a Psychology student, I could really use some skill on empathy to relate to the book, for everything that Donna felt was described by the author in a way so vivid that I can t help wincing as I read as if I was there when the abuses happened In the end, the book taught me a lot of things, especially on the type of rel [...]

    12. Such a thorough insight into domestic violence, sexual abuse and drug addiction.I was hanging from the first page to the end, this book was written fantastically.It was very graphic which had me wincing in parts but reality is that graphic in these situations, it would not be possible to even comprehend these things that happen without reading the gory details.This is the journey of a young confident woman who falls in love with the wrong man, who becomes a woman heavily addicted to drugs, alcoh [...]

    13. I ve just finished this book, about two minutes ago and I feel very shaken.At the beginning of the book, the author warns readers that she has not sugar coated any of the events of abuse and rape, that everything is brutally realistic and she is not lying.The story is written in a matter of fact way which didn t grip my attention or really entertain me I found it quite hard going, though I did want to read on and see what happened The ending was very explicit Things like violence don t usually b [...]

    14. Read this whilst travelling to and from Bristol uni for a look around Really wished Danny had suffered revenge from one of the characters he d upset He seemed to get away from things far too easily I really don t want to think about power hungry men out there who do the things Danny and his friends did for fun But it also shows the strength of women and how even when they ve abused in the most horrific ways they can climb above it and survive.

    15. I found this book very disturbing especially when he glued her chest I actually felt physically sick, although i had to keep reading To think this does actually happen to people I found it was a tad too explicit however that is what sells books these days So i have some mixed emotions about this book, not sure how i feel about it, but it certainly brings out a lot of enotions in you It was very real i wanted to get hold of donna partner in it and kill him.

    16. This was one of those books that you loved to hate It was very brutal and I found myself wincing in pain sometime as I imagined what the characters were going through I m the kind of person that once I start a book I have to finish it but with this book I found myself wanting to finish it to see if justice was served and freedom granted Easy to read and I found myself unable to put it down Not as good as other books by this author but still a decent read But not for the faint hearted.

    17. Fantastic, I honestly couldn t put it down The story was so well written that I felt like I was there My only criticism is that I wish Danny had been given his true punishment by the hands of one of his victims and not by Trippy x

    18. This is really a heartbreaking story Feeling disappointed with the female character as it shows a lot of promise for her future Devasting for those little girls who was been used by those monster It s really a great book The story line was done right But a really frustrating story.

    19. This was a re read for my and the book was still as gripping the second time around This is a very brutal and disturbing book not for the faint hearted Very explicit and truly heartbreaking 5 stars all the way

    20. Amazing story, so well written It had me in tears a couple of times and I was fighting for Donna until the end She was a good egg, poor thing Would read again and have recommended to friends

    21. Send Me No Flowers had me gripped from start to finish Not for the faint hearted, it is shocking quite graphic in places, but a powerful true to life well written story.

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