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The Love Market By Carol Mason The Love Market A new novel from the bestselling author of The Secret Lives of Married Women When a marriage ends and a first love reappears Celine Lewis is about to learn that moving on is as complicated as going b
  • Title: The Love Market
  • Author: Carol Mason
  • ISBN: 9781552788455
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Love Market By Carol Mason A new novel from the bestselling author of The Secret Lives of Married Women When a marriage ends and a first love reappears, Celine Lewis is about to learn that moving on is as complicated as going back Three years after seeing her first love, Patrick, quite by chance in London, Celine s ten year marriage to Mike is over and she is running her own business, called The LoA new novel from the bestselling author of The Secret Lives of Married Women When a marriage ends and a first love reappears, Celine Lewis is about to learn that moving on is as complicated as going back Three years after seeing her first love, Patrick, quite by chance in London, Celine s ten year marriage to Mike is over and she is running her own business, called The Love Market, a professional matchmaking service in Northern England She s coping with the unanticipated heartbreak of a marriage ending, and her quirky twelve year old daughter who seems to blame her for the split Then, out of the blue, Patrick emails Tempted to find out if all the old feelings can possibly still be there, she s thrown into tailspin again when Mike has an unusual proposition for her, forcing her to question whether a divorce really means it s over.All Carol s novels have recently been re released as Kindle E books They sell for 2.99 Visit her website for information.
    The Love Market By Carol Mason
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      I am the author of The Love Market, Send Me A Lover, and The Secrets of Married Women, which will be re released in June 2017 with s Lake Union imprint and is currently available for pre order My latest novel, After You Left, just came out April 1 and was instantly a UK and Australia Kindle 1 bestseller Find out about my books at carolmasonbooksYou can keep up to date with developments by making me your friend on Facebook I ll try my best to entertain you I m on twitter too I always enjoy getting comments about my books prefer nice ones , and am always willing to attend your book club or do a phone conference if you d like to have me I love reading my reviews well, the nice ones because the bad ones always hurt a little, I must be honest If you love my novel then I would be so very grateful if you would leave a review on They matter greatly to an author They don t have to be long ones even highly recommend would do the job Thanks in advance.


    1. This was a great read Firstly, what a great cover The woman waiting in the window, the muted, sophisticated colours, the title It is all really fitting of the story within.The most notable feature of this story is the authors writing style Mason truly succeeded in giving Celine an engaging voice throughout the story The writing really wraps the reader into the story Not only that, Celine is a holistic, down to earth and relate able character I also loved the theme of this book I felt that Celine [...]

    2. As I was reading this book, a strange feeling overwhelmed me I couldn t wait to review it I couldn t wait to share it with others In fact, I opened up a blank Notepad file and began typing this review with 40 pages left to read This is the same feeling I had when I first read Emily Giffin and made the startling discovery that chick lit didn t have to be vapid that it could be engaging, intelligent, and introspective.Celine is a divorc e, mother, and professional matchmaker Though her own romanti [...]

    3. I have never read this author before but will go and get her previous two novels now This book The Love Market was one of the best books i have read in a long time I have read many women s fiction novels that deal with the one that got away But this book deals it so differently Because the book is as much about a marriage that may have got away as it is a first love I too have divorced and had moments of wondering if I have done the right thing and this author made me so sympathetic to Celine th [...]

    4. I got quite a bit out of this story than I expected before I started it I was immediately pulled in by the author s flowing prose and lyrical writing it was very impressive With that kind of talent, I don t think it will take Carol Mason long to get a pretty large reader base.This is an emotionally driven story, and even though it revolves around the difficult topic of divorce, the story transmits hope than regret Celine and Mark are very fleshed out characters, Mason is as great with characte [...]

    5. Those of us who enjoy reading romance fiction find that we get set to experience the Happily Ever After most of the time, regardless of the time period or genre of the context It just seems that is a part of loving romance fiction It comes as a bit of an emotional jar when we encounter the unhappy ending or at best, the bittersweet resolution the way so much of life tends to be resolved, if the truth be known.In this newest novel by Canadian author Carol Mason, we meet Celine, a woman who has b [...]

    6. Celine is a romantic married to an incredibly practical and good natured man, Mike Since her time visiting The Love Market in Vietnam, years before her marriage, she s only been able to think about another man, Patrick When, by an incredible set of circumstances, she sees Patrick again while visiting London with Mike she s thrown for a loop and suddenly her whole life veers off track A few years later, an extremely amicable divorce, a random phone call and suddenly Celine is unsure of her love [...]

    7. Esta novela me encant por que tiene personajes muy reales, que te transmiten sentimientos, que te hacen preguntarte y replantearte un mont n de cosas acerca del amor y los sacrificios que aveces se hacen en nombre de lLa pluma de Carol Mason es fant stica, escribe de una manera que logra tenerte pegada al libro hasta que lo has terminado Lo que m s me ha gustado es que te permite conocer a los personajes de modo que no puedas tomar partido por ninguno o condenarlo, pues simplemente sabes que son [...]

    8. All You Need Is Love, The Beatles said Yeah, rightCeline is a 30 something women, recently divorced, and mother of a teenager, who can t control the desires of her heart.For several years she have been trying to make her marriage work, but it seemed destined to fail And when, for some reason, she receives an email of Patrick, her first love, whom she never forgot, it seems like she is finally going to be happy.It s a very realistic book, because although I had never had the opportunity to unders [...]

    9. Marriage Divorce First love Second chances Romance.This book takes its readers through the life of Celine who runs a match making business, The Love Market Mother of a beautiful daughter, Aimee, she is going through her divorce after 10 years of marriage with Mark Ironical, isn t it It was about how memories of your first love can ruin your future relationships Retrospective to some fifteen years earlier, Celine met her lost first true love, Patrick during a holiday in Sa Pa But, do first loves [...]

    10. Love Market DeliversWell written, a joy to read The characters were so deliciously described that you could actually see them on the pages Where s the sequel

    11. Unlikable CharactersThis may contain SPOILERS Two strangers met in a foreign land and spent all of 4 days together and that had an impact and finally destroyed their future relationship with other people Never mind that all they have had of each other were good looks and good sex The main character, Celine, is selfish, ungrateful and immature She slept with a married man, Patrick, had 4 days together but that didn t stop her to shamefully ask him to leave his wife for her They broke up when he r [...]

    12. A story that quietly unfolded between a family that is being torn apart Set in Northern England, this family unit of three is facing divorce and a new lifestyle that will forever change their lives The child in this story is just the right age to have opinions on the matter of the family, but young enough to have no ability to stop what is going on or get away from it all The other outlying characters were vibrant and full of life without overpowering the true center of the story.As I don t tend [...]

    13. Originally Reviewed at Novel EscapesRated 4.5 StarI really enjoyed this novel It was a thoughtful, insightful book on marriage and the path not taken Celine s marriage falls apart and she s drawn back into the world of an old flame, Patrick who she never managed to forget.The writing style was different in The Love Market than most chick lit novels It was written with depth, poetically even at times and her attention to details and prose had me rereading sentences at first, occasionally to get [...]

    14. I have to admit the author has an engaging writing style She is very detail oriented which does not allow the reader to put down the book The book focuses on Celine Lewis who recently got divorced Her first love reappears and the story unfolds then I do admire Celine looking after best interests of her daughter, Aimee Her stepsister acts like her best friend throughout the book While reading the book, though, I failed to understand why exactly Mike and her divorced She mentioned a couple of time [...]

    15. Whether one admits it or not, in our loves there always one, as Judy Garland sang, who got away There is that one person you loved who just couldn t be it could have worked, it should have worked, it never would have worked For whatever reason, you will always carry a torch for that person What would you do if that person came back to your life That is the premise of Carol Mason s novel The Love Market, and I have to admit I related Of course, we have all had that dream, that fantasy that love w [...]

    16. Reviewed at Over A Cuppa TeaDate reviewed 20th March 2011Review link cleffairy p 4981The Love Market is one book that I think most married couple could easily relate to, especially if they have been married for years and with children I don t know if you have heard about the 7 years itch and whatnot, but The Love Market demonstrate exactly just that evaluation of one s relationship with the other half as well as unresolved issues in marriage.The Love Market, despite being a contemporary romance, [...]

    17. Not sure how I felt about this book I probably won t remember it after a while, but I did enjoy it Not a very likable heroine Good way with words I am his strange bed keeps echoing in my head love it Author did a great job keeping her ending under wraps I really had no idea where she was going or who she would end up with, if anyone Celine was wishy washy and it seemed like she had too many epiphanies for me she loves Patrick, no wait maybe she loved Mike all along, no wait she just wants to be [...]

    18. Not bad But the ringing endorsements on the back about how fabulous this book is Not really, not even close The writing is very typical of a romance writer, nothing flashy or exciting about it Not a literary masterpiece The inaccuracy of Canada really bothered me, probably because I ve lived in all 3 places that were mentioned Predictable ending It was easy to read to take my mind of stuff, but I probably wouldn t read Mason again, just because it was boring at some parts, and so predictable I w [...]

    19. Besides the fact that Mason can really, really write, this novel s story was so brilliant it will now become one of my all time favorite reads I love Women s Fiction when it s written with the talent of Carol Mason Like a beautifully risen souflee, this novel starts with all the ingredients of a masterpiece and rises to perfection It s a brilliant delve into one woman s pivotous about face in her life with just enough humor to keep us loving Celine, just enough conflict to keep us staying up way [...]

    20. This book is well written and engaging, showing the real life and quandaries of Celine, a middle aged matchmaker, who takes faltering steps towards building a new life, where she can actually have the type of love and romance the she only thought her clients deserved I really like that this novel is beyond the traditional chick lit novel Had this book been written in a different genre, with detail, it could be an epic type novel there is the backstory for a multi generational tale, much of whic [...]

    21. Bijzonder liefdesverhaal van de Engelse Celine Ze wordt heen en weer geslingerd tussen twee liefdes Die voor haar ex man en voor haar Canadese jeugdliefde die ze ooit ontmoette in Vietnam De schrijfster weet alle personages levendig en herkenbaar neer te zetten Vooral de halfzus Jacqui vond ik een leuk personage Het boek las vlot weg De afloop vond ik wel erg voorspelbaar, vandaar 4 sterren in plaats van 5.

    22. A bittersweet, pungent account of a marriage gone awry, the struggles of the characters to make a new context for their lives, and how to frame a future when an old love arrives to complicate matters The wounds and pain are everywhere and draw the reader into the hopes and disappointments, the hours of joy and the days of loss Just a fabulous book that will engage the imagination and which refuses to leave the emotions unscathed.

    23. An absorbing and moving tale of the roller coaster emotions experienced through relationships and divorce Funny and endearing in parts as the principle players hold your attention through a maze of experiences thoughtfully explored.This book is the second one I have read from this author and like the other it didn t disappoint An engaging read that I couldn t put down Recommended.

    24. Celine fell in love with a newly married man in The Love Market in Vietnam He left, she returned to the UK, married, had a child On their 10 anniversary trip to London, she spots her first love getting into a taxi Her response changes her life Some nice characters, some pithy observations, and a happy ending I was a little surprised at all the typos, though

    25. I thought I would give a chance to different authors and I found that this book was really good, i liked how she got the person she wanted And the book was set in the north east which you don t really find

    26. I loved this story Carol Mason did an excellent job of giving us likeable characters and a story that was sad and happy, with a great potential to go many different ways I love where she ended it, giving us the ability to finish 2010 in our own way Great story good book.

    27. It was very predictable, a Harlequin type of book Something to read in between in depth narratives Startlingly unremarkable.

    28. The story didn t go where I thought that it was going, but I was satisfied with ultimate story The story was true to the characters A quick read

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