We'll Always Have Summer #2020

We'll Always Have Summer By Jenny Han We ll Always Have Summer It s been two years since Conrad told Belly to go with Jeremiah She and Jeremiah have been inseparable ever since even attending the same college only their relationship hasn t exactly been the happ
  • Title: We'll Always Have Summer
  • Author: Jenny Han
  • ISBN: 9781416995586
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Hardcover
  • We'll Always Have Summer By Jenny Han It s been two years since Conrad told Belly to go with Jeremiah She and Jeremiah have been inseparable ever since, even attending the same college only, their relationship hasn t exactly been the happily ever after Belly had hoped it would be And when Jeremiah makes the worst mistake a boy can make, Belly is forced to question what she thought was true love Does she rIt s been two years since Conrad told Belly to go with Jeremiah She and Jeremiah have been inseparable ever since, even attending the same college only, their relationship hasn t exactly been the happily ever after Belly had hoped it would be And when Jeremiah makes the worst mistake a boy can make, Belly is forced to question what she thought was true love Does she really have a future with Jeremiah Has she ever gotten over Conrad It s time for Belly to decide, once and for all, who has her heart forever.
    We'll Always Have Summer By Jenny Han
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    1. All I can think to say is that I loved it I cried times than I d like to admit while reading this book Susannah always knew who Belly would marry If only Susannah had known how she would get there This book started out STRONG And I mean chest clenching, life altering strong I ve never smiled and cried so much in my life.

    2. I have immensely enjoyed the first two books in Jenny Han s Summer Series They are a bit fluffy and full of ANGST and DRAMA and produce the occasional eye rolling moment from me but they are also charming and nostalgic and summer y and somehow authentic to the teen voice I found them utterly compelling and deliciously addictive curl up in the sun summer goodness Good times I was absolutely hanging out for the third and final instalment Especially thrilled with the characters having aged and it b [...]

    3. Warning This review will contain spoilers, and loads of swearing, so please proceed at your own risk Also, this will be a really lengthy review, so please, bear with me.Disclaimer I do not intend to offend anyone with this review, including the author.Actual rating 1.5 stars that 0.5 is for the ending WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST READ If there was a rating system that rated books based on how much a book fucked you up This one would deserve a million stars No book has ever fucked me up so badly I gu [...]

    4. Let me start this by saying we ll always have summer probably might be thebest book i have ever read I am damn serious Everything, every single thing, about it is perfect and i wouldn t want it any other way The story is perfectly crafted and the characters, who by now we know better than we know ourselves, are back and making us fall in love with them all over again But shit goes down nonetheless Throughout the book you re debating whether belly should choose jeremiah or conrad Halfway through [...]

    5. Rating 1.5I feel so let down by this book.Let s get one thing straight It was definitely the weakest out of the three.Belly has finally matured, and it has been truly wonderful seeing Belly transition from a young girl to the lady she is today I feel like I grew up with her And that makes her a little extra special for me Meanwhile, we finally get to see things from Conrad POV Finally But there is a BIG problem We all know Conrad is the bad boy typical douche We know he s wronged Belly and been [...]

    6. When reading this book, you will becoming very frustrated as I was When it comes to teen relationships, girls tend to make these very sporadic decisions without thinking them through Belly was no exception to this rule Throughout her entire relationship with Jeremiah, she kept having that doubt in the back of her mind that told her this is wrong Plainly she ignored it and made very dumb mistakes.It was the small things that showed Jeremiah was not for Belly From not considering her feelings on m [...]

    7. Once upon a time I watched a movie called How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days I spent most of the movie with my head cocked to the side wondering why the fuck I was supposed to care about these characters Girl wants to write an article about how to mess up a relationship and do it all to this guy Guy wants to win a bet and get a promotion or something at work based on his ability to make a girl love him The movie felt neither romantic nor comedic for me I thought the main characters were both creeps wh [...]

    8. Words cannot even begin to describe how mad I am after reading this book I fell in love with the series since the first book came out, but now I can t believe it ended the way it did First off, Jenny Han COMPLETELY changed the characters I had grown to love Jeremiah was sweet, caring, and amazing, but in this book he was such a jerk I couldn t stand it Secondly, nothing really happened in the book except for maybe three major events This makes it move slow and repetitive And then it all wraps up [...]

    9. This had SO much angst and one of the most intense love triangles i ve ever read about, yet the ending was such a cop out I m very disappointed I wish the first book had remained a standalone and I could ve spared myself the next 600 pages of drama and angst, because I knew from the beginning who she was gonna end up with.

    10. Wow That was agonizing, irritating and heartbreaking I don t know why I still like it The third book is mainly about the love triangle among the Fisher brothers and Belly I was almost sure I d go for team Jeremiah but he seems to have transformed into a completely different person, so sloppy, careless and insensitive or maybe the story finally revealed his true colors and I honestly did not like it I do not fully blame him for his actions though because in his heart he knows the real deal betwee [...]

    11. Es que no s , tengo conflictos pero igual me gust 3.5 estrellas Tal vez luego cambie la calificaci n, por ahora as se queda.

    12. Re read 8 22 17 So I did still enjoy this, but I gotta be honest and say that this series wasn t quite as OMG DIS IS DA BEST THANG EVER upon re read When I originally read this I shipped Belly with a different guy and I have TOTALLY changed ships this time around and I am not about dat ending any This was probs of a 3.5 stars It was good, but not great.Original read 6 2 14 Crying for the rest of my life because this series was spectacular and I am so, so bummed to be leaving it behind

    13. I am SO conflicted about this book I really liked it and it s safe to say that Jenny Han is one of my favorite contemporary authors But the main reason why I m feeling so confused, is I honestly HATED the first 100 pages or so of this book because of the infuriating, annoying characters But LOVED the last 150 pages or so So I guess I just had to get through all that crap to get to the good stuff maybe I would definitely recommend this trilogy just prepare to deal with a LOT of emotions Good and [...]

    14. This trilogy was wonderful I loved that it had so much deeper meaning than what the summary or the covers suggest I felt so close to these characters and in the most simplest of ways I really love books where the setting takes on a character in itself and Cousins beach did that I felt like I had grown up there and called it home as well The second book was definitely my favorite out of the trilogy and even though I don t really care for love triangles in books, somehow this one just worked and I [...]

    15. When I first met Belly, Jeremiah and Conrad I didn t like Belly She was too raw and honest about her flaws It made me uncomfortable But the I thought about it, the authentic Jenny Han had created her I remember the summer I turned pretty I remember my summer boyfriend and he will always hold a special piece of my heart I was also an awkward girl suddenly in a pretty teenagers body A lot like Belly.So here we are now at the end of Belly s freshman year at college Conrad is absent, Jeremiah is i [...]

    16. OKAY SO WOW I really didn t think that this book was going to go in the direction that it did, but in hindsight there was a spoiler at the end of the second book talking about Belly at her wedding so duh This was my least favorite in the series because I still couldn t grasp the whole they are spontaneously getting married thing and I was mostly in shock through the entire book THE ENDING THOUGH I won t say any But WOW I honestly liked one brother way in the first book but this book trashed hi [...]

    17. He didn t give me flowers or candy He gave me the moon and the stars Infinity I shipped these two from the beginning of this trilogy,so when it all fell apart,i had to drag myself through the book,only to see Belly doing the same mistakes over and over again I couldn t relate to her as a character,because to me she was a bit selfish,a bit blindBut but i m not going to spoil it for you guys but the ending was really satisfying They had their forever and for me that was enough

    18. I ve just finished reading this amazing book and I know I m pathetic,but I m crying like a baby I love this series for two reasons it s so honest and real that it makes me think there s probably true Conrad in Jenny Hans life Second reason is I have Conrad of my own I met him when I was sixteen officialy met him But I ve been in love with him for a year It was summer We had one date and than I went to visit my aunt I came back after a month and first person I ve met was him We ve been together f [...]

    19. A cute, fluffy last book in a cute, fluffy trilogy but holy moly was this infuriating at times This whole book somehow felt both rushed and stretched out at the same time I correctly predicted the ending from the beginning but the moment that prediction came true, the book was over The whole trilogy was about getting to that moment and it lasted no than a few pages Belly, was frustrating, as she has been throughout the trilogy but whereas in the first two books that human, naivety was somewhat [...]

    20. He didn t give me flowers or candy He gave me the moon and the stars Infinity At first, I was worried that this book may take away from the first two books of the trilogy, but to my surprise, it turned out great than what I ve actually thought In this final book of the series, the drama and romance became much deeper This is the kind of finale that will absolutely transform you into a swooning mess The storyline is too beautiful and heart tugging Believe it or not, Jenny Han s writing style wil [...]

    21. So yeah The third book was the best in the series It ended like I knew it would And I actually liked it If I liked Jeremiah in the first two books, I kind of hated him in the last book And yeah Conrad grew on me Those letters which ended the book were the best part Childish, but still important I knew I will read chapters written from Conrad s point of view in the last book and I have to admit it was a great idea to dedicate a book to each character The first one only Belly, the second Belly and [...]

    22. The final installment of the summer series is not to be missed Bittersweet, but it had to come sometime Overall this book was an excellent read The first of the series will forever be my favorite, but this one comes close As it opens we learn that Belly is 18 and about to finish her first year of college She has been dating Jeremiah since the summer she entered her senior year Belly learns new things and is upset by them, but decides to set what she knows to the back of her head and go on with l [...]

    23. This is a review of the whole trilogy.Belly loves Conrad That is a truth that everyone in her life knows He s the boy she has loved since she was a little girl and she spent her summers with his family at Cousins beach Through out the trilogy we see how a crush, turns to attraction, turns to hatred and turns to an understanding that only comes when two people who know each other well, mature Add to that Jeremiah, Conrad s little brother who has always loved Belly and you get drama wrapped in a Y [...]

    24. I M SO MAD THIS TRILOGY IS OVERIS TRILOGY IS EVERYTHING CONRAD IS EVERYTHINGNNY HAN YOU ARE BRILLIANT I kind of just want to sit and cry in my room now.I flew through these books so fast, you can seriously read them in a day They made me feel so light and happy I LOVE THESE BOOKS WITH ALL MY HEART.This quote is also my favourite from the book I actually think it is now my new favourite quote We didn t know what was ahead of us then We were just two teenagers, looking up at the sky on a cold Febr [...]

    25. Favourite Quote It s a known fact that in life, you can t have everything In my heart I knew I loved them both, as much as possible to love two people at the same time Conrad and I were linked, we would always be linked That wasn t something I could do away with I knew that now that love wasn t something you could erase, no matter how hard you tried I was extremely excited to read the final installment in the Summer series so excited that I hugged the book and did my little happy dance when I go [...]

    26. I m a pool of emotions right now I adored this series so much This book almost broke me, but I m glad I powered through emotionally

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